Celebrating S.R.C. Initiatives

During the first term the SRCs created an initiative to help homeless people of our community. They asked each Middle School student to bring a small toiletry item that could be used to create a pack of essentials needed by a homeless person. During this process the SRCs were able to discuss with their homerooms how donating something so small can mean so much to someone else. This empathy is summed up by some of the SRCs:

Bethany Morrison of Year 5, “I felt sad for the Homeless people and I am so glad that we are able to give items to them.”

Fane Vaitohi of Year 5, “I’m happy we were given this opportunity to help the less fortunate.”

Max Daley of Year 6, “I was really happy to be able to help people less fortunate than us.”

Samuel Beaumont of Year 6, “I think it’s really important that society is well balanced as everybody deserves to have the same things as us. The fact that there are so many people out there who need help makes my heart feel sad.”

Gabriel Maroulis of Year 7, “It’s a good feeling to help someone in need.”

Today, these SRCs were able to handover more than 60 care packs created specifically for male and females to Lindsay Cameron from the Department of Health and Human Services and Peter Jacobson from Barwon Child, Youth and Family. Both Lindsay and Peter lead and implement the programs and services with the youth of Geelong. They were very grateful of the generous donation made by the students of Christian College and their families. And with the great number of young people who they assist on a regular basis, this donation is highly valued and greatly appreciated.

Last term we also ran a Project Care Day to raise funds for SIDS via the Rivers Gift organisation raising over $800. The small donation on these days contributes to a large amount being given and is greatly appreciated by the charities we support.  


Mrs Justine Brame

Year 5 Coordinator


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