Year 5 'Travel Expo' - An Invitation

In Year 5, students are completing a big project called, ‘The Atlas Task’.

They work in groups to establish a fictional continent and, within it, an individual country as well as its climate and main features, like ports and landmarks.

The Atlas task involves a lot of smaller and integrated tasks from a range of subjects. These include maps, case studies and advertisements for Geography and Economics. Students develop their own animals in Science. During English lessons, they write poems, folktales and reflections. Mathematics has also been used, as students have made towns and are dividing the towns population into the streets. We have also created recipes for the ‘national food’ of their country, as a part of the 'Fractions' Unit.

A Year 5 student Jack Daley reflects on what he enjoys about this task: “I like that we can choose what path we want to go down because of what we are interested in. I love to cook and to build things with my hands and I have been able to choose tasks that let me do that.” 

A Year 5 student Lucy Howards reflects on how she overcame some challenges through this task: “The challenges I faced while doing the Atlas Task was planning my time to make sure I did each task and trying to find out what can I do better. How I overcame this challenge was by asking other people to give me feedback and to see what I need to make it better; also looking at the OneNote, which shows all information for each assessment and homework.”

The students are very excited to present their work and learning at a 'Travel Expo', which we warmly invite Year 5 parents to attend. Please see the attached invitation for all the details. 


Mrs Justine Brame

Year 5 Coordinator



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