Year 11 Exams - 13th to 20th June

Below is the outline and structure for Year 11 Exams for 2017.

All students are expected to be in full College uniform during the exam period and GAT. You may leave after your final exam each day - you may only leave the College once (ie: no leaving and coming back in between exams). The Library is available for study during the day. Students will need to sign in to the Library at the service desk and also at the Student Office on arrival and departure.

Please note that VCAA exam conditions will be enforced throughout the Year 11 Exam Period including the GAT.

  1. Students must observe all instructions or directions given by their supervisor.
  2. Students attending a VCE assessment may bring only materials and equipment approved for that assessment into the examination room. Please check with your teachers for each of your subjects.
  3. Students must not possess mobile phones and electronic devices.
  4. Students must not bring into or possess in the examination room any drinks or food, except under special circumstances as approved and directed by the VCAA. A clear bottle of water is permitted in the examination room.
  5. Students must not communicate with any other student while the VCE assessment is being conducted.
  6. Students must not cause any nuisance, annoyance or interference to any other student during a VCE assessment.
  7. Students must raise their hand if they wish to communicate with a supervisor.
  8. Students must not leave their place until permitted by a supervisor.
  9. Students will not be permitted to leave the VCE assessment until the full scheduled time has elapsed.
  10. Students must cease writing when instructed to do so by a supervisor.
  11. Students must remain silent and seated in their place at the end of the VCE assessment until response materials have been collected and checked, and an announcement is made permitting students to leave the examination room.
  12. If you have any concerns about the exams, please contact Miss Barber, Ms Calderwood or Mr O'Loughlin

Ms Georgia Barber and Ms Mandy Calderwood




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