Growing as Learners with the 'Tinker Table' - Year 1

Creativity flows freely as the Year 1 students engage in play-based learning sessions.

These sessions not only provide students with the opportunity to revise and explore the learning taking place in core subjects, it also encourages students to act on their innate curiosity and expansive imaginations. The children regularly encounter situations where collaborating, perseverance and creative problem solving are required. While there are many examples of such deep learning taking place throughout play-based learning investigations; last week’s creations from the 'Tinker Table' (such as this one below) are a prime example:

The safety goggles are secure and two children settle down to consider what they will create at the Tinker Table. Elise and William plan and revise their thoughts as they collect, nail and manipulate pieces of wood in an innovative way to create a bird and crocodile. You can hear murmurs of chatter as they discuss their plans, make changes and consider how to best move forward.

As the two face challenges, they consider appropriate people and places they can go to as they problem solve. One of the great benefits of being a Prep to Year 9 Campus is the ability to utilise facilities that would not typically be on a primary campus. Where better to seek help from Mr Platt in the Woodwork room? William and Elise trot across campus to see Mr Platt, who assists them in using the wood glue and a clamp to attach the head of the bird. Both students use the drill to secure pivotal aspects of their creations. They walk away quite pleased with themselves and return to discuss the learning that took place throughout the process of this play-based learning session with their peers.

The sensational thing is that this situation is not a rare occurrence. Creativity, exploration and links to learning that takes place throughout the curriculum are at the core of play-based learning. Students grow as independent learners, as they regularly consider when they need to seek assistance, whom they can learn from and what they can use to further their learning.

Pam McKeeman
Deputy of Bellarine Campus


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