VCAL Students of the Week

Year 11 Olivia Stonehouse

I have selected Fashion Design and Technology as my career path, as I have a creative mindset and I love designing. The highlight of my VET course is that I get to construct different types of garments and learn different ways of constructing textile materials, including knitting, weaving and macramé. A typical Friday work placement involves me going to Surf Junction in Drysdale to learn and experience what to do in the workforce. In the shop, I do customer service, clean up, re-arrange the sizes of clothes on the rack, and bring out new stock that has arrived. In the beginning, I thought that going to The Gordon was going to be stressful, as I did not know what to expect. However, I have made many new friends and I am learning to use factory machinery. For anyone considering this pathway, I would say choose a course that will lead you into a job that you will love.

Year 12 Christian Davis

My selected career path is in the Building and Construction Industry, because I enjoy building and constructing things. The VET course I study as part of my VCAL is Cert II Building and Construction. It is helping me work towards my career by improving my hands-on skills and techniques. I learn theory, drawing and do practical work at the Gordon each Wednesday afternoon. I have been able to apply what I have learned at VET to my work placement on Fridays. Each Friday, I work for Eminent Homes from 7.30am until 4.00pm. I do jobs like scaffolding, framing, landscaping, concreting or cleaning up the site. I have enjoyed learning new things this year.

Mrs Kerryn Fearnsides

VET/VCAL Coordinator


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