Year 8 - International Migration and the Geelong Community

Today, our global community is experiencing the largest migration of people across the globe since World War 2.

To help understand the motivations for and consequences of such migration at the local level, Year 8 Geography, Environmental and Outdoor Studies students at the Middle School Highton and Bellarine campuses are inquiring into migration to Geelong. Their inquiry is shaped by the big question: How sustainable is Geelong’s future urban growth?

As a means of connecting their conceptual knowledge with real-world experiences, the students have been surveying members of the Geelong community. Coupled with this activity, a kayaking session on Corio Bay has given students a unique vantage point from which to notice the current transformation of Geelong’s city centre.

This unit of work will culminate with the students submitting a report of their findings, including proposals for the future development of Geelong. Students have drawn from their skills in questioning, planning, interdependence and reasoning to strengthen their understanding about a movement that will impact all of us.


Mr Adam Kennedy

Year 9 Coordinator

Mr Tim Wright

Bellarine Outdoor Education Teacher


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