Citizen Science - Year 5

Last week, all Year 5 Science students tested the health of the water at the local Peppermint Grove storm water basin.

The River Detectives program run by Waterwatch Victoria is happy to have had the support of the Bellarine Campus for over 10 years. This year, students conducted a habitat survey based on criteria for bank, verge and pond areas. As a group, the class graded the habitat highly, despite picking up a bag of rubbish from around the reserve.

Then Kristin from Waterwatch prepared some water samples from the storm water basin and the students collected and identified macro invertebrates, which also indicates the health of the water. Turbidity, pH, phosphorus, temperature and electrical conductivity were empirically tested by the students using the equipment provided by Waterwatch.

A group of keen young scientists are going to monitor the same characteristics of the water each month for the rest of the year. Overall, the water health was deemed very good. However, recent rains running off the road probably contributed to the high phosphorus reading.

Stay tuned for updates on the health of Peppermint Grove.

Deb Singleton
Middle School Science Coordinator


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