Year 4 and Prep Buddies

Our 'Buddies' program provides valuable time for our Year 4 students to model responsible and inclusive play to our younger students.

As the Year 4 students continued their investigations of crafts that move, they took the opportunity to share some of this knowledge with their Prep buddies. Below are some of the observations made by the students as they investigated how kites fly:

Maverick: "You have to run so the kite lifts up".
Eve: "You have to fly the kite against the wind so the kite can catch it".
Lucas: "You have to unwind the string so the kite can go higher".
Victor: "Let go of the kite and run really fast".
Stella: "You need to have ribbons on the kite to balance it out".
Esther: "When the wind stops, the kite stops".



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