Book Sale! Middle School Library - Monday, 19th June

Here at Christian College, reading is a priority across all levels. We believe we have fantastic resources to offer our students and are constantly purchasing new texts and weeding out outdated ones to keep our students engaged in their reading. Recently we purchased many of the shortlisted books for 2017, this included both fiction and non-fiction texts.

In this past month, we have had the opportunity donate some of our outdated texts to the 'Fiji Book Drive'. We also have some second-hand books available to purchase on Monday, 19th June at a Book Sale during lunch. Students are encouraged to bring a gold coin to snap up a great reading bargain. The money raised will be donated back to the library to purchase new texts.

We can thank Mrs Cathy Create for her dedication to this cause, and her preparations leading up to this sale.


Mrs Chris Lean

Head of LITEhouse – Resource Management


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