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A Story to Share

I was recently contacted by a parent to tell me of the story of her son and how he was at one stage struggling with a range of wellbeing issues, one of which was anxiety.

He found last year difficult and was in need of help. Help came in the form of one of our Chaplains. They spent time listening to this boy and connecting on a level that created a bond of trust with the Chaplain.

Through regular meetings, the two were able to talk through the issues and see what was “controllable” and what was not. Active listening lowered the boy’s anxiety and he was able to see that there was a way forward.

In the mind of an adolescent, the world may appear to be confusing and they do not know where to go.

What should I feel? How should I react? Am I normal?

These questions we can all relate to, and take us back to a time when we were confused by the world.

This year, the same boy again found himself in a difficult space and contacted the same Chaplain. Again that special relationship was ignited and they were able to work through that confusion.

I was told by this parent of how appreciative they were of having someone able to connect with their son. She felt safe as did their son.

It resonated with me that we do many things well at Christian College and the most important work is to look after our students. They are the reason why schools exist.

Rather than see the only thing that matters at school is an ATAR Score, good schools care for their students. Great schools concentrate on the student as a whole, successfully.

I thank this particular parent for sharing this story with me, and for all the seen and unseen work that goes on for all of our students behind the scenes.


Sporting Success

Evan Donohoe of Year 10 has been selected for the Victorian Kookaburras Baseball Team and will be taking part in a tournament in South Carolina, U.S. This is a tremendous achievement and we wish Evan all the best for the trip in Term 3.

Congratulations Evan.


Mr Graeme Dent

Head of Senior School 


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