Veterinarian Justin Visits Year 1

As part of the Play-Based Learning program, 1D has created their very own veterinary clinic.

Throughout the term, they have put on their face masks, gloves and gowns to provide their stuffed animals with the best care they can. The young veterinarians examine the animals, read x-rays and provide the medical attention required. They also draft ‘notes’ on the procedures that have taken place and medications provided.

Justin, a 1D parent and veterinarian, came in to the Year 1 classroom to speak about his job. Justin brought Quinto, a stuffed dog, to describe how he would go through a routine check up of his four-legged friends. Then students were able to try on surgical clothing, for both a vet and a vet nurse, and also pretended to operate on Quinto. Real x-rays were explored as Justin explained what each x-ray showed.

Prior to Justin’s visit, the students created a list of questions relating to being a vet. The students asked questions to gain further knowledge of what it is like to be a veterinarian. Justin’s visit was a great experience where the students gained much insight into what it looks like to be a vet.

No doubt they will take what they have learned from Justin and put it to good use, as they continue to play vet during Play-Based Learning sessions. 

Katie Oelke
Prep - Year 2 Coordinator


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