Science Goes Bush - Year 7

As part of their studies into the living world, Year 7 students enjoyed the outdoor classroom at the Ocean Grove Nature Reserve recently.

It was great to share the joy of discovery of a regurgitated owl pellet, complete with mouse skeleton and fur. 

Noticing different species of fungi was a highlight for many, especially when we met Neil Hickman, who had been photographing the bioluminescent Ghost Mushrooms (toxic to humans) at night. The students hypothesised why that fungi might glow in the dark, and why there were so many invertebrates visiting the fungus during the day. It was a hive of activity when we stopped to really look: flies mating, maggots feeding and millipedes hiding on the fungal structures. Neil’s photos have been kindly shared with us below.

Other students’ highlights were the ponding activity, where the underwater world came to life through magnified viewers. And Parks Victoria staff supported the College’s program by running a session on skull features. Students learnt about eye position of predators versus prey, just to name one of the features studied. It was an invigorating day outside, learning how our living world interconnects.

Deb Singleton
Middle School Science Coordinator


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