Buddies Come Together to Make Catapults - Year 1 and Year 5

Recently the Year 1S class journeyed down to the Year 5 classrooms to gather with their older buddies for a Building Learning Power buddy activity.

In mixed groups of three or four, the students planned and then constructed catapults. During this process, the students stretched their empathy, listening, collaboration and reasoning muscles. The groups then gathered on the basketball courts to test their designs by launching ping-pong balls. 

As they identified the different designs that were most successful, the groups then capitalised with other groups, used their imitation and revising muscles before relaunching their contraptions. This opportunity proved to be an engaging and powerful way for both year levels to stretch their Building Learning Power muscles and explore Science, Design and Mathematical concepts.

Jessica Chakir and Katie Oelke                    Claire Deretic and Matthew Burgess
Year 1 Teachers                                            Year 5 Teachers


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