Mystery Fish – Year 9 Marine Studies

The Year 9 Marine Studies students have been using the science labs and working as marine biologists, discovering marine creatures and their features.

Students are investigating bony fish and cephalopods (squids) from the angle of a marine biologist, asking questions regarding their colouration, eye size and position, mouth shape and size, fin shape and fish morphology, and the shape of the fish itself. This allows students to query and discover the various habitats in which they live, their predators and what they eat.

Students are then given an opportunity to dissect the fish, investigating its internal anatomy, discovering the gills, lateral line, heart, intestines, kidneys, liver, swim bladder and stomach in an attempt to understand their workings. This provides the students with a greater understanding of the fish, its habitat and its characteristics.

This concluded with a 'mystery fish', where students are provided with an unspecified fish from ‘the deep’ and are required to utilise prior knowledge learnt in classes to identify the species of fish and their habitat. This is supported by their findings, as they analyse and dissect their mysterious fish in order to discover the species, where it might live, what it might eat as well as any special characteristics and how this all fits into the marine ecosystem. This has been a fantastic two-year, hands-on scientific journey for the students and hopefully only one step in a lifetime of inquiry and learning.


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