VCAL Student of the Week

Hannah Wood Year 11

My chosen career path is to become a social worker, or to work in child protection within the Geelong area. I am also looking at working as a Teacher's Aid at a Primary School. Something I am certain of is that I would like to work with children. I have chosen this path because I am sensitive to community safety and the wellbeing of young people in our community. I have a passion to assist youth and children to strive for and live a happy life at a young age. The highlight of my work placement was getting to know those in the Golden Plains Shire, and helping to fix up the youth lounge for it to be used after school. I really liked the way my days were planned, as I did a range of things that I really enjoyed. A typical day at the Golden Plains Shire office was starting at 9:00am, and I had a range of things planned each day, usually in hour blocks. I had an hour break at noon and then finished at 4:00pm. Something interesting I have experienced this year is being in the 'SIP' team. I took upon the leadership role of Chairperson. I organised the meetings and did the powerpoint presentations. I really enjoyed the leadership role and want to take on more leadership within the school community. This experience was really helpful at my placement. If you are thinking about a different learning experience to the normal VCE classes, I would recommend VCAL, as it is a more practical way to learn. As well as going to the Gordon every Wednesday afternoon, they treat us like adults, which I really like. I have had a great experience being in VCAL and have learnt a lot of things that I wouldn’t have in other subjects or career pathways.

Mrs Kerryn Fearnsides

VET/VCAL Coordinator


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