Mock Job Interviews - Year 8 Work Life Elective

As part of our Year 8 Work Life elective, 15 students had the opportunity this week to sit mock job interviews for a fictitious position at the newly-opened Coles supermarket in Drysdale.

In the weeks leading up to the interviews, each student was required to prepare and submit his or her CV and application for this position. The expectation was that the students would then prepare and present themselves in a professional manner, just as you would for a real job interview.

There were some nervous applicants in the waiting room on Thursday morning! Alas, the nerves were largely forgotten once the interviews began and our students conducted themselves extremely professionally. The interviews all went smoothly, with valuable feedback given to our students by our experienced group of interviewers.

I must congratulate the students on all the hard work that went into this task.

I would like to thank Mrs Kerry Bell, Mrs Rose Horzitski, Mrs Sally Stewart, Mr Richard Underwood and Mr Ben Peck for volunteering their time and expertise. I would also like to thank our Career Development Practitioner, Mrs Bec Bromilow, and our Director of Humanities, Mr Rick Geall, for their valued time and assistance.

I am sure the students and adults involved would attest to the value of the rich, real-life learning that has occurred, preparing our students for future challenges!

Wayne Durran
Year 8 Work Life Teacher


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