Power of Engineering at Deakin - Year 9 Reflections

“I found the experience at Deakin informative and eye-opening as to what engineering actually is.”- Chloe Duncan

“We were able to explore all the different aspects that engineering involves. It was so interesting and a really informative day that helped me understand my future opportunities.” -Abby Robilliard

“I found Deakin very informative as to how a course in engineering can open up pathways into other career options.”- Francesca Alexander

“I enjoyed coding the robot’s movements so they could be connected to a wireless remote and then choosing what they did. Also, listening to some people’s experiences in engineering was interesting.” - Jo Hall

“In society, engineering is normally seen as a male-dominated area. But being at the 'Power of Engineering' day, it showed us that engineering is not just for males.” - Taylah Beard

“I enjoyed learning about how you can filter water. We were given cost, language and education restrictions, depending on different countries. Our country, USA, made the cleanest water because we had the most money and we could read the instructions on how to make the water filter.” - Alaina Peacock

“I had fun because I made the robot flip, which showed that I am not a natural gamer. I found my engineering limits already! I learnt that engineering gives you a wide range of opportunities after university.” - Emily Balmer

“I liked thinking about how engineering can really change the world. For example, making prosthetic hands quickly and cheaply with a 3D printer.” - Charlotte Hunter

After just one day at Deakin Waurn Ponds, the group of Year 9 girls were impressed with the variety of careers and opportunities that engineering courses at university could lead to. The Power of Engineering day came at an opportune time, as these young women prepare to think about their future study pathways and careers.

The collaborative tasks and engineering information sharing were thoroughly enjoyed by all. Highlights were programming robots, assembling a 3D prosthetic hand, creating an electric motor, designing a bridge within certain constraints and purifying water. Visiting the High Voltage room and being blasted with Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony from the tesla coils inside the faraday cage was a special treat during the lunch break. The photos show some of the activities the girls revelled in.

Deb Singleton
Year 9 Teacher


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