Mock Job Interviews - Year 8 Work/Life

During the week, the Year 8 Work Life students sat interviews for a simulated job as a service checkout, at a local supermarket.

Students have been developing their cover letters and CVs in the lead up to an interview. Outside interviewers with vast experience employing candidates, and interviewing job-seekers conducted these interviews. Utilising such knowledge and skills, we were able to provide our students with real interview experiences.

Students were nervous as they arrived for their allocated interview time. Dressed professionally, as they took a seat waiting for their interview, only added to their apprehension prior to meeting their interviewer. Despite this real-life experience, all students confidently answered the questions put before them, and walked out proud of their efforts.

The interviewers were impressed with the job candidates and were able to provide feedback as to how these students could improve on the interviewing process as they move closer to obtaining their first gainful employment. 

I am sure the students and adults involved would attest to the value of the rich, real-life learning that has occurred, preparing our students for future challenges!

Mr Ian Neville

Middle School Teacher


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