Inspired Writing - Year 8 Writer's Workshop

On Wednesday, 21st June, the Year 7 Writers’ Workshop class went on an excursion with a difference.

They are the first Christian College students to integrate an Outdoor Education hike experience with their writing class. We hiked for nearly two hours to reach ‘The Canyon’ in the Great Otways National Park in Lorne. It was an invigorating challenge to hike to The Canyon, which challenged us to persevere and give our best. Once at the canyon, students were settled individually in locations and given an hour to record sensory information, and then start writing a story.

They had three scenarios to choose from – being an indigenous hunter or gatherer, an early explorer, or a student at the start of a war. It was wonderful to see the students’ enthusiasm and engagement with the environment and their writing. It will be exciting to see how the trip has inspired them and added to their writing. We are thankful to Mr Ian Neville for making this possible for us.

Miss Rebecca Welllins

Classroom Teacher


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