Integrated Studies - Year 3 and Year 4

The Year 3 and 4 students have been working hard during their Integrated Studies unit ‘Why is it so?”

They have been exploring natural disasters and the changes that occur to the Earth’s surface when they strike. They have focused in particular on Tidal Waves, Avalanches and Earthquakes. Students had to investigate a chosen natural disaster and discuss how and why they occur. 

Their task was to then create a model that demonstrated the effects that it has on the Earth’s surface. They had a lot of fun researching, designing, creating, testing, experimenting and problem solving their project. They each did a fantastic job by clearly articulating and demonstrating their learning to the class during their presentations.

Emma Ford, Jonathon Maddock, Sapphire Maine and Sam Kennedy
Year 3 and 4 Homeroom Teachers


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