RoboCup Geelong Regionals

The 'RoboCup Junior Geelong Regionals' was held for the first time at the Christian College Middle School Campus SAC.

Visitors and competitors were allowed excellent spectating areas, given a clear view of students showing off their amazing engineering and programming skills in Robot Dance, Recue and Soccer. Nine schools from around the Geelong area competed with four new schools taking on the No.1 STEM competition in the country as listed by Australia’s Chief Scientist. The day was intended as a learning day, where students gain competition experience before going to State and National events.

The 200 students from 50 teams certainly embraced the aim of the day and showed marked improvement in their robot’s performances, as well as the ability to organise their teams and equipment. Special credit must go to the maintenance staff for setting up such a huge event and to the students, who as a group had it all packed up in under an hour.

The success of the event and the quality of the venue is another step towards Christian College hosting the RoboCup Junior Australian Open Championships next year. This event attracts entries from each state as well as China, Taiwan and South Korea.

Senior School students appeared to have the best robots on the day but suffered by not applying the best game plan. Riley MacDonald and Will Hogg dominated early rounds and managed to kick eight goals in the semi-final. The problem was that six of those were for the opposition. Tom Shanahan and Liam Burt went through the early rounds undefeated, but lost a high-quality final to Trinity College Colac. Trinity are regular Australian Champions and this game was worthy of a national final. Both of our teams found that a goalkeeper is essential as you get to the higher end of the competition.

A sincere thank you to all involved.

Mr Brian Thomas

Systems Engineering Teacher


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