Message From The Head Of Campus

It has been wonderful to witness the student growth, development and learning throughout this semester.

I can’t help but be very excited about the journey we are on in developing the ‘learning that matters’ in our College. Professor David Perkins in his book 'Future Wise, Educating Our Children for a Changing World' talks about ‘lifeworthy’ learning - learning that goes somewhere, serving the learner well into their future.

STEM learning, Language and Cultural Studies, the Arts, Sport, Music, Literacy and Environmental Studies facilitated through pedagogy that emphasises student thinking, collaboration, creativity and innovation, are a few examples of the ‘lifeworthy’ learning experiences our students have benefited from thus far at the Bellarine Campus. I am consistently encouraged when sharing in the learning with students to find that, through their developing knowledge and understanding, they are seeking to apply their learning to be of service to others; to improve the lives of others, our community and the environment in which we live. This is the notion of doing ‘good work’ and it is very exciting to see the development of servanthood within our students.

Semester 2 will see some staffing changes, as we wish Mrs Chantelle Dalton all of God’s blessings in her pregnancy. We welcome Mrs Victoria Kent, who will be teaching the Junior School LITEhouse Library program and Year 5 and Year 9 Drama. Mr Tim Wright is delighted to be taking on the Year 9 Year Level Coordinator position, which will include him overseeing the Year 9 students and coordination of the Rural Studies program at Bellarine.

May I take this opportunity to thank you for your support and prayers throughout what has been a very busy first semester. There have been so many highlights and opportunities for our students, new friendships formed and memories created. I trust you will have an enjoyable and refreshing break with your families and we look forward to seeing you when school resumes for students on Tuesday, 18th July.  

Nicholas Watson
Head of Bellarine Campus




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