Year 1 Genius Hour

There was much excitement during 'Genius Hour' in Year 1 this week, as students had the opportunity to revisit some of the chemical science concepts we have explored this term.

Students have been building their knowledge of the different properties of materials, and how materials can change throughout our ‘Bend, Twist and Stretch’ Integrated Studies unit. Genius Hour is an investigative session where students are able to expand and enrich their current understandings with hands-on student-led investigations.

This week students revisited some of our favourite explorations, such as making milk swirls, oobleck, cloud play dough, sand foam and the ever-popular science lab where many materials were shaken and stirred in a range of beakers, test tubes and flasks. Students are able to discuss their observations with their peers and make explicit links to their use of our 'BLP learning muscles’.

We are looking forward to some weather-based experiments and investigations next term. Stay tuned for more amazing discoveries from the Genius Hour in Year 1.


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