RoboCup Junior Regional Competition

On Friday, 23rd June, more than 60 students from the Bellarine Campus participated in the 'RoboCup Junior Regional Competition', which took place at the SAC at the our College's Middle School Highton Campus.

This semester in Systems and Engineering, the students from Year 6 to Year 8 designed and built dancing, rescue and soccer robots, and then tested their final product in what was, thus far, the biggest regional event yet. Overall, the standards of the robots were very high and it was pleasing the Bellarine students won in three different divisions.

It is now time to prepare for the State Competition, which will take place at Melbourne University in August. Most of all, it was a pleasure to be part of this style of learning and the 'good work' that our young people are involved in.

'In Systems Engineering, this semester we built a dancing robot for the Robocup Junior Geelong regionals competition. We loved building the robot. It was an EV3 Lego motor and is one of the best motors you can buy in Australia. It took one semester to build the robot and took a lot of problem solving. We programmed the robot to stay in tune to the music and to have a good and eye-catching routine to go with it. As well as putting some props behind to help with the entrainment value of the dance. The Robot was hard to build and we had to persevere though many problems. One of the main problems was trying to get the teddy bear costume on the robot. We had to rebuild the robot many times because the costume would not fit. Another thing that was a challenge was the programing because we changed the theme several times and had to change the programing so it could fit the theme and dance. In the end, we really enjoyed buliding the robot and especially winning Robocup Junior Victoria Geelong Regional Dance!'  

Olivia Bykersma, Alana Martin, Emily Mortimer and Grace Carroll-Saunders - Year 7

The future is in safe hands. Well done to all the participants.

Jorge Viegas
Systems and Engineering Teacher


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