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The Parents’ Website of Independent Schools Victoria aims to provide relevant, up-to-date information for the parents of more than 140,000 students in over 200 Member Schools.

They have explored issues as diverse as how perfectionism hurts girls, why children are being turned off Maths, building resilience in children, and ‘mindful’ parenting.

They have also featured expert practical advice on starting secondary school, supporting your child through the stresses of VCE, study tips and strategies, and teenagers getting their first job.

In addition, The Parents’ Website has celebrated the great community work by the students and staff of Independent schools.

The website also provides useful information for parents, such as our 'school locator tool', where you can refine your search based on filters such as location, the years of education offered and any affiliations.

Staying in touch is easy. Visit The Parents’ Website HERE or you can subscribe to by filling out this simple form, and get regular email updates on the latest postings on the site.


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