Middle School Makeover

You might have seen that our Middle School Campus is getting a makeover!

As you would expect, the College has a responsibility to keep our buildings in good repair, so we have hired a company to revamp the paintwork at Middle School. This company will maintain the paintwork for the next seven years, and the same process will then occur at our Junior School and Villa Paloma campuses.

At the Middle School Campus, the render on our buildings had become slightly porous and hairline cracks were starting to develop. When this happens, moisture can infiltrate and rust the reinforcement, which can then eat away at the surface.

As part of the repainting process, we have treated and repaired the affected areas. All of the concrete rendered areas are being painted with an “elastomeric” paint, which is able to tolerate slight movement without cracking. This will seal the surface and any hairline cracks.

While the improvement to the appearance of each building will be most welcome, the real reason for undertaking this work is to protect the buildings themselves and prevent future deterioration.


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