Key Services and Supports

Key Services and Supports

Central themes in the lives of our young people are their experiences of relationships and belonging.

A key message for schools that I wish to share with you as parents relates to connectedness, and understanding that positive relationships and a sense of belonging are essential to sustaining good mental health and well-being in any community. At Christian College,  fostering relationships and belonging is central to our Christian mission, and our core values, by extending Love, Truth, Hope, Grace and Faith to others.

Sometimes, however, we all need extra support with our well-being, and at Christian College each Campus is blessed with a wonderful Chaplaincy team, who can support students at these times. In addition to this, there is access to many external support networks and services for both students and families.  

For your reference, the following is a current list of contacts provided by the Principals Australia Network that you may wish to have on hand should your family or a friend ever need them.

Mrs Dianne Martin

Deputy Head of Senior School


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