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Year 10 to 12 students and their families have the opportunity to explore further study options through attending Open Days when study providers open up their facilities and faculties. 

These days provide invaluable insights into both university life and course information. Do not feel you need to wait until Year 12 to attend these days. In fact, beginning your exploration of study pathways in Year 10 or 11 can be of great benefit.

Attending these days does require some forward planning so that weekends can be free for travel. On occasion, you may find that you wish to attend more than one institution on the one day.

The links below will provide dates and links to institutions. Open Days are commencing shortly.

VTAC - click here to view the List of Open Days on the VTAC site.

Australian Education Network - click here to view the List of Open Days by Tertiary Institutions, as listed on the Australian Education Network site.


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