Fun with Words - Year 1

Year One students have been learning about graphs, digraphs, trigraphs and blends through the 'DIPL' program and other Literacy activities.

To begin the new term, students in 1D revised their understanding of beginning sounds, matching picture cards with the beginning digraph or blend. Alongside revision of spelling patterns, the students used their collaboration muscles as they worked in small groups to 'sort' the images however they liked. 

Some groups went for an organised approach, while some had a more creative way of working through the task. While they were completing the activity the children were extending their understanding by sharing other words they knew of for each of the spelling patterns. The 'squ' and 'spl' proved to be particularly funny blends, with lots of onomatopoeic words shared, such as 'splosh' and 'squelch'.

Jessica Chakir
Year 1 Homeroom Teacher


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