Power of Engineering

After a day at Deakin University Waurn Ponds at the end of last term, a group of Year 9 girls were impressed with the variety of careers and opportunities that engineering courses at university could lead to.

The 'Power of Engineering Day' was at an opportune time in itself, as these young women prepare to think about their future study pathways and careers. The collaborative tasks and engineering information sharing were thoroughly enjoyed by all. Highlights were programming robots, assembling a 3D prosthetic hand, creating an electric motor, designing a bridge within certain constraints and purifying water. Visiting the High Voltage room and being blasted with Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony from the tesla coils inside the faraday cage was a special treat during the lunch break.

The photos show some of the activities the girls revelled in, and here are a few reflections from our Year 9 girls:

It was really informative and I learned a lot about the different types of engineering and what you can achieve in them – Millicent Panther

I loved the experience at Deakin it gave me an insight into how interesting engineering can be! – Tegan Visser

It was good to learn about the different types of engineering and to be given the opportunity to try some of them. - Kassidy Werner

I learned so much about how empowering and successful women can be in the engineering world. Especially the fact that it is so diverse and how many different career paths are available – Matilda MacAdie

The Power of Engineering Day at Deakin gave us a good insight into the different types of engineering and the possible career paths we could follow. I found it really beneficial, as I would love to pursue a career in engineering - Isabella  Lawrence 

We were so lucky to experience and explore the world of engineering and all that it entails in the supportive and encouraging environment at Deakin! There are a huge range of different fields of engineering, and we were encouraged to look at the ones which used our strengths! The day catered to everybody and was so much fun.  – Molly England

Before the experience at Deakin, I actually didn’t know anything about engineering. But after that day, I learnt so much: how to measure wind energy, control a little robot, building a little model bridge and, most of all, learning about the different courses in engineering. I learnt that engineering is not only for males but for females, too. I also learnt how engineering can make a difference to the world, our society, and how it opens up a future career. I really enjoyed the day because it inspired me to help others and make a better life for others.  – KhinKhin Sumon

The Deakin experience was very informative and opened my eyes to all the possibilities there are in engineering. – Giulia Mandarano


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