Year 9 Subject Selection Choices for Year 10 - 2018

Dear Year 9 families,

 We have come to the time of the academic year when one priority for our Year 9’s are their subject selections for Year 10 in 2018.

 I welcome you to make an appointment for a chat over theirs and your subject thoughts and enquiries.

 From August 3 through to August 11 your online subject choices will be made.  It would be most beneficial to make appointments as soon as possible after the Senior School Subject Expo next week, Wednesday 26th July.  I have been holding discussions with families already.

 For the remainder of this semester I am spending all day each Thursday at the Highton campus from 8:00am onwards. Should a Thursday be inconvenient then we can certainly look at alternate times to meet at either Middle School or Senior School depending on my commitments.

 I do look forward to meeting you and beginning careers/pathways conversations with your child. There are many stories yet to be created for our Year 9’s as emerging young adults over their Senior School years and I am very privileged to have an opportunity to share in them from the perspective of a Careers Practitioner.

 To make a booking request, please email me on:

 Robyn Smith

Careers Practitioner


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