Regional Debating

For the past four months, four Year 8 students have been participating in a regional debating competition at Geelong Grammar School. Students have debated against a variety of Geelong schools on issues such as development of Antarctica, artificial intelligence, children in professional sport and the preservation of historical objects.

Formal debating promotes confidence, encourages logical and critical thinking, fosters social awareness and develops an interest in current affairs. The debating techniques that students learn are incredibly valuable skills and can be utilised across all subject areas.

Madeleine Benson, Eliot Cudmore, India Lewis and Peta Southwood are to be congratulated for their strong work ethic and diligence in debating this season. They represented our school in a very dignified and professional fashion and finished 5th out of 16 teams in the competition.

Allison Schleutker

Year 9 Homeroom Teacher


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