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Subject Expo

The Senior School hosted our Subject Expo on Wednesday night amid frosty conditions. We were thrilled to have large numbers attend and take the opportunity to speak with all teachers about possible subjects and pathways.

The VCE information was presented by Mr O’Loughlin and Ms Martin and informed the parents and students of the terminology and how this certificate operates. The key points are that it is a two year certificate of Units per semester. The usual program will contain six subjects at Year 11 which are Unit 1 & 2 units in each subject. In Year 12 students generally undertake five Unit 3 & 4 units. The ATAR is determined from only Unit 3 & 4 subjects which are assessed.

There are opportunities for students to apply for accelerated VCE subjects in Year 10 and 11. When considering such requests we look at the entire program and match this up with their career aims.

There is an 80% attendance requirement and we do not encourage families to take family holidays that will interrupt their child’s studies. VCE success is built on mastery over two years in Units 1 & 2 as well as Units 3 & 4.

Ms Fearnsides spoke about our VCAL and VET programs. VCAL is an alternative to the VCE and is for students who learn in a different way. This “hands on” approach promotes independent learning and has a pathway to trades and traineeships. If one undertakes VCAL then a VET must also be taken. The work placement on the Friday also needs to be aligned with the VET choice. The interesting aspect of VCAL is that a “school based apprenticeship” may be undertaken which means that a portion of the apprenticeship is completed while at school as well as having a position to go to after Year 12.

The VET offerings at Christian College were also explained to those present. VCE students may opt to undertake a VET subject that is on Wednesday afternoons. The College provides a complimentary bus to The Gordon and parents are asked to collect their child at the end of the day. If a student undertakes a VET subject there is an additional fee the family needs to pay and all costs are available on The Gordon website. If a student undertakes the VCAL course then they must enrol in a VET course.

VCE/VCAL/VET Curriculum Handbooks are available from the Student Office if students or parents would like a copy.  Please don't hesitate to contact the College if you require further information or assistance.


Our Senior Boys Football had a win!

Our senior football team had an amazing win at Colac against Trinity College to advance to the semi-finals next Wednesday. In a thrilling match we led for most of the day, which was played with a strong wind. At three quarter time we held on to a 9 point advantage, but Trinity had the wind coming home. In a tense last quarter we held on and won by 4 points. In the dying stages of the game in a defence filled with every player on the field, a Trinity player found the ball and space in the goal square. As he was about to kick the winning goal our A.J. Wight threw himself to smother the ball and saved the match. There were some excellent contributions from all 24 players on the day, and they have been superbly led this year by Chris Lever and Jack Nelson.

The team was elated with their performance and rightly so. We wish to thank the players and the coaching staff in Mr Fanning and Mr Richardson.

We shall all be supporting the team when they play next week and a win there will place us into the AFL Victoria Herald Shield Div.2 Grand Final.

Once the venue and time is confirmed we ask that parents and family try to make the journey to Melbourne. Our opponent is unknown but will come from the Goulburn Valley area.

Mr Graeme Dent

Head of Senior School 


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