Who is your favourite Superhero?

This was the question posed by our School Captains, Molly England and Joel Lane to Junior School students this week at assembly.

The Prep to Year 4 students were captivated as Joel (or rather Batman) came flying down the aisle, presenting the message with Molly that we can all be superheroes! To do this they suggested we need to follow 2 rules:

Rule 1- A superhero must always try their hardest to include everyone!

Rule 2 – Sometimes you have to take good risks and be brave enough to stand up for what’s right!

Molly then asked the students who they thought her favourite superhero was! Wonder Woman? Cat Woman? Superman? Her answer was Jesus! Jesus provides us with the ultimate example of what it is to be a hero…someone who loves and cares for others and someone who knew what they stood for and fought the ‘good fight’.

We are so proud of our student leaders, the way in which they connect with their peers, that they are shaping the culture within our College community and their willingness to share the ‘good news’!


Kerrie Reid

Deputy Head of Campus


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