Junior School Celebrations

Dear Junior School families, On behalf of myself and Mrs Dunlop, we wish to extend our thanks to you all for welcoming us to our new roles at Junior School. We feel both blessed and privileged to be a part of your child’s educational journey at Christian College and look forward to the many exciting times to come. It has been wonderful this past week to see the students excited and engaged in their learning as they investigate, create and imagine.

At our assembly this week we were visited by our Middle School Captains Joel Lane and Molly England. Joel and Molly shared an interactive message with us about Superheroes and asked students to consider what makes a Superhero.  Joel, dressed as Batman, received responses such as "Superheroes help you and they can save the world!" Joel and Molly then shared two rules of being a Superhero. Rule 1- A superhero must always try their hardest to include everyone and Rule 2 – Sometimes you have to take good risks. Not dangerous risks, like jumping off a moving train, but being brave enough to stand up for what’s right. Molly then shared that her favourite Superhero is Jesus because “He never sinned and was fearless. He trusted that God had everything in hand and was so powerful that He could calm a storm, and even walk on water. He stood by what he believed in and rose again." Our Captains challenged us to be Superheroes - just like Jesus.

God Bless

Mrs. Ann-Marree Weigl


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