Reciprocal Learning - Prep & Year 4 Buddy Program

As this year has progressed, the Preps and Year 4’s have been benefiting from learning together once a week as part of our Buddy program.  Multi age activities create a supportive learning environment for all students boosting, reading, writing and thinking skills.

Reciprocal learning is a wonderful way for students to take ownership over their learning for both Prep and Year 4 students. The benefits of the program have a flow on effect onto all subjects studied as Preps and Year 4’s become confident learners through the program.

 The friendships and bonds that have developed during the year have been remarkable. Boosting the confidence of the new Prep students at the beginning of the year and asserting the Year 4’s as the leaders of Junior School. Demonstrating a positive experience socially/emotionally as well as educationally.

This week’s activity was the Visible Thinking Routine “Chalk and Talk”. Students listened to the book “How full is your bucket?. Students were then challenged to engage in discussion with their buddies to depict through pictures and words, how they could fill each other’s buckets through positive interactions and turning negative situations into positive ones.

A fruitful activity for all involved!

Sally Humphris
Prep Homeroom Teacher


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