Responsible Pet Program Visit - Prep & Year 1

Recently the Prep and Year 1 students tiptoed into the auditorium in anticipation to meet Issy, a Bernese Mountain dog, and her owner, Sharon. Sharon and Issy helped the students to identify ways to keep pets safe at home. Students were also taught how to identify the body language that indicates when a dog is scared or angry and the appropriate way to respond to such behaviours. Through role-plays and a song the students learned how to ask and safely approach an unfamiliar dog. Some students were able to practice asking to pat Issy and approaching her safely.

The website, Pet Town is a fun and interactive learning tool, educating Kindergarten and Primary School aged children on responsible pet ownership and dog safety. It reinforces the information and messages that children were taught throughout the Responsible Pet Program.

Katie Oelke
Prep - Year 2 Coordinator


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