Safety in the Junior School Grounds

As a matter of importance I would ask for the support of families in addressing some safety concerns in the front areas of the Junior School grounds. The first is in relation to students playing with footballs, basketballs and soccer balls on the grass areas, both on the roundabout and inside the front gates. Many times these balls have gone over the fence into the carpark causing a significant risk when students exit the grounds into the carpark where there is a constant flow of traffic. Students therefore, are NOT permitted to play with balls in these areas and should be directed to play on the ovals at the side and rear of the buildings.

Secondly, as a result of a recent incident involving a vehicle and the safety of a family, the front gates to the roundabout will be closed at 8.30am. Parents are reminded that they are required to park in the Leisurelink carpark and walk their children into the school grounds. We sincerely appreciate the support we received with this practice last term and look forward to your continued support with this matter.




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