What's happening in Year 5?

Semester 2 for the Year 5s is off to a flying start with so many exciting things happening. During Math’s classes this term, not only will we learn about measurement, angles and shapes but we will apply these lessons to creating our own disc golf course. As an introduction to this the Year 5s played disc golf at Senior School and were lucky enough to have Andrew Ferguson from Geelong Disc Golf Club come to speak to them. Andrew makes disc golf courses for a living so it was wonderfully refreshing to hear him discuss how he has to plan and collaborate with others in order to make a successful course. The Year 5s look forward to continuing to develop these dispositions as well as learning how to apply maths lessons to the real world. We encourage you to try Disc Golf at our Senior School campus one day!

The Fruits of the Spirt are a focus for us during devotions and Christian Ed lessons this term as we explore them through Bible stories, crafts, memory verses and discussions. Each week we concentrate on a new fruit and encourage the students to discuss the theme with their families as a part of their Home Learning program. Students have enjoyed learning how, ‘We love because he first loved us’ 1 John 4:19. And making party hats to celebrate joy was also a highlight this week.

In anticipation of students owning their learning, the Year 5 teachers ‘flipped’ the classroom.  Rather than the traditional ‘chalk and talk’ approach, we challenged the students with choosing a partner, learning about area OR perimeter, preparing a 20 minute lesson on perimeter or area, teaching their partners, administering a quiz that they prepared and completing a reflection on the whole process.  In those reflections, we were looking for what challenged each student because those are the little opportunities for learning and growth.  This task highly engaged the students, whose lessons ranged from the use of chocolate blocks for teaching area to measuring irregular shapes with string and tape measures.  The reflections were rich in thinking and students will set goals to promote growth.  The goal of education isn’t to get correct answers necessarily, but to develop in students an awareness of knowing what to do when they get stuck!

Shortly we will be attending our first Year 5 camp to Sovereign Hill. This camp will provide us with an abundance of learning opportunities with lessons in Gold Panning, Candle Dipping and trips to the Gold and Eureka Museum. In preparation for this and other learning experiences this term the Year 5 teachers taught in costume today. Lt. David Collins (Director of Humanities, Rick Geall) from the Royal Navy came to speak to us. He was on the First Fleet that arrived into Sydney in 1788 and has considerable knowledge of the hardships of the seven-month voyage and early settlement, not just in Sydney but Melbourne and Hobart as well. The students also played some olden games such as three legged and egg and spoon races.


Mrs Justine Brame

Year 5 Cooridinator


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