Integrated Studies Year 3 & 4 - "Fair Go Mate' Unit

Is it a need or a want?  

If you were asked to go to another planet, what would you bring? This was a challenge that the Year 3 and 4 students were presented with, as part of their ‘Fair Go Mate!’ Integrated Studies Unit. After considering the difference between needs and wants, they were asked in small groups to imagine that they were given a mission to go to an uninhabited planet. They had to decide out of forty items what the four most essential items were. It was fantastic to see the students collaborating and reasoning with each other to make their final decision. This will make students become more aware of what they most need and apply this knowledge when looking at rights of children all over the world.

Mr. Samuel Kennedy, Miss Sapphire Main, Mrs Emma Ford, Mrs Rebecca Barry
Integrated Studies Teachers


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