Geelong Annual Japanese Speech Contest

The annual Geelong Japanese Speech Contest was held at Kardinia International College last Sunday.

More than 60 students from Years 5 to 12 from the western regions of Victoria took part in the contest and demonstrated their excellent language and presentation skills. A group of 19 students participated from Christian College Geelong and brought back many awards.

Please congratulate all the participants on their outstanding achievements and great effort. The speech contest was a great success. It was good to see such enthusiastic language students. All participants made wonderful speeches, regardless of winning awards or not.

The award winners are as follows: 

Year 5 and 6
1st                                         Georgina Odd

2nd                                        Emma Buckingham

3rd                                         Naomi Lamprecht 

Excellent Effort                     Amelia Charleston 

Year 7 to 8
1st                                        George Malouris

2nd                                       Paige Butteris                                              

Exc                                       Michelle Zhao and Jordan Smith

Year 9 to 10

2nd                                       Jessie Allen                                                     
Enc                                       Sarah Finch

Junior Open

1st                                        Lin Nakayama 


Certificate of Participation    Jackson Spanic

                                             Teneal Booth 

                                             Caysee Vos 

                                             Katrina Cochrane 

                                             Lauren Crawford 

                                             Larissa Ward 

                                             Max Hyde 

                                             Isla Ritchie 

Mr Yuji Nakayama

Head of Japanese and Exchange


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