Bellarine Junior School Japanese Speech Contest

The annual Bellarine Junior School Japanese Speech Contest was held on Friday, 28th July.

This year 47 students from Year 1 to Year 4 participated and demonstrated their outstanding Japanese speaking skills. All the participants impressed the judges and audience with their high standard of Japanese and delivery.

It is not easy to deliver a speech in a foreign language in front of a large audience and we would like to congratulate the participants for their courageous efforts and achievement. We thank parents for supporting and encouraging their children, and for the time spent preparing for the contest. The award winners are as follows:

Year 1

1st           Mikayla Grunberg

2nd          Genevieve Trudgeon

3rd          Sean Koopman

* Encouragement Award - Anatswa Makuwatsine

Year 2

1st           Abhinaya Sanjeev

2nd          Isaac Pearce

3rd           Saskia Visser Hodson

* Encouragement Award - Lucinda Barker

Year 3 (Role Play)

1st            Everest Ruplal and Lacey Byrne

2nd          Ben Eden and Archie Knowles

3rd          Rhys Hiorth and Jonathan Hurt

* Encouragement Award - Sophie Morrish and Evie Perez

 Year 4

1st           Mia Tsiavas

2nd          Jasmina Bevacqua- Hall and Aidan Foard

3rd          Madison Grunberg

* Encouragement Award - Cyrus Byrne and Lila Mustica

Adam Reidy and Yukiko Valent (Japanese Teachers)


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