Barwon River Water Systems Excursion - Year 7

This week saw our Year 7s become immersed in the real world of water, through exploring how Barwon Water and the Barwon River interconnect and provide our households with a clean and abundant water supply. 

We visited Black Rock Recycled Water Plant, Wurdiboluc Reservoir and various urban sites along the Barwon River. At each site, students discovered the journey our water takes and ways we can have an impact in ensuring a sustainable, safe supply of water.

Students had been placed into a group of six, which was to be their ‘home group’ for the learning activity, in which they then divided into three, with two students each visiting a different site and reporting their findings back to their ‘home group’. Upon returning to our College, students then taught each other about each site, before designing how they believe the Barwon River water systems work.

It was wonderful to see our Year 7s ask insightful questions about the management of water and to see them collaborate with each other later in the day to further develop this knowledge and understanding. This real world opportunity provided our students with an engaging learning experience, which will continue to be built upon in the coming weeks.

Nicola Morrish
Year 7 Coordinator


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