W.I.S.E Leadership

Throughout the year, our Campus Prefects and Student Representative Council Members have been encouraged to view their role as a leader through a 'W.I.S.E.' lens, by considering the following questions in everything they do:


  • WHAT would Jesus do?
  • Am I acting with INTEGRITY?
  • Am I SERVING others?
  • Am I promoting ENGAGEMENT?


During this week, these students participated in a hands-on workshop designed to support their development as leaders within the College community. Lead Pastor of Planetshakers Church Geelong and past Christian College student, Jake Ford, visited the Campus to work alongside the students and share his own experiences as a community leader.

Jake presented his insights on the inevitable challenges that leaders face, and a specific focus for the workshop was dealing with difficulties presented by one’s peers. Our student leaders reflected on the ideas and initiatives they are currently working to make a reality, considered the obstacles standing in their way and designed creative and practical solutions.

The wider College community now looks forward to enjoying the events these outstanding students will be leading in the coming weeks, which have been bolstered by Jake’s inspiring youth ministry.


Mr Robert Moore

Year 9 Coordinator


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