'Lira' Music Competition Winner - Adela Karol, Year 7

Adela Karol in Year 7 recently competed in ‘Lira’, a music competition organised by the Pushkin Lyceum and supported by SBS radio and TV station.

Held in the ‘Russian House Melbourne', children aged between 6 and 17 years competed in three categories using a range of instruments, including piano, guitar, violin and cello. High-calibre judges awarded Adela the first prize in her age category for piano, and she was deemed to be "musically graceful and with future potential".

Following this, Adela and the other winners were involved in a short interview on the SBS radio station and later there will be a TV recording of these children playing their instruments.  

With the aim to showcase Russian-speaking children’s musical talent and the competition being in its first year, the hope is that this becomes an annual event to foster ongoing connections between these talented students.

We are very proud of Adela and her musical pursuits!


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