Year 5 Camp Experience

The Year 5s thoroughly enjoyed their trip to Sovereign Hill this week with so many activities and learning opportunities to experience!

We started the trip with a bang by watching a musket firing demonstration and then continued to be immersed by the historical environment of the streets. Watching street performers and discussing life during early settlement with the dressed-up characters allowed students to develop a deeper understanding of how our country came to be.  

Attending educational sessions, students got to role play and dress up, which allowed them to grow in their understanding of what a day on the gold fields would have been like.

Night-time activities included a pantomime viewing and a bush dance.

Students also got to try their luck gold panning, go on mine tours, watch candle dipping and sweet making demonstrations and, of course, purchase some of the famous Sovereign Hill raspberry drops!

Mr Kehler (Year 5 teacher), Naomi Gibbons and Gary Crole (our Chaplains) presented beautiful devotions throughout our trip, encouraging students to live out their faith values in everyday life. Students displayed this perfectly with impeccable manners towards the staff and public while away.

We now look forward to unpacking our experience further in our History and English lessons, where students will be creating a fictional picture storybook using real knowledge of early Australian settlement.

Mrs Justine Brame

Year 5 Coordinator


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