Prep Bakery

Welcome to the Prep Bakery!

Choose from our delicious selection of hand-crafted play dough delicacies and freshly ground barista-made coffee. We take custom orders and our staff are always happy to explain the daily specials and ever-changing café menu.

Don’t forget to stamp your coffee card! The Prep Bakery accepts all forms of payment – handmade cash, coins, EFTPOS or credit cards are all welcome. Please be aware that payment must be made at the time of purchase! 

Our Prep Bakery provides relevant and meaningful opportunities for the children to engage with literacy and numeracy concepts in ‘real life’ scenarios. They are exposed to rich environmental print and are able to engage with different texts, such as menus, shelf signs, vouchers, price lists, labels and cards.

The bakery provides authentic opportunities for oral and expressive language development, as the children assume different roles such as a baker, waiter, cook or customer. Numeracy concepts such as numbers, counting, patterns, classification and money are all embedded within the dramatic play, and the children are able to experiment and consolidate their understanding of these concepts in real and relevant ways.

Our 'BLP' skills are also used when playing in the bakery. The children negotiate roles, share space and materials, collaborate, express different points of view and resolve differences. All essential skills for 21st century learning!

Claire Tucker


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