Naga High School Visit Enlightens Junior School

On Tuesday, 8th August, students and staff of Junior School were treated to a visit by our Year 10 and 11 friends from Naga High School, our sister school from Wakayama in Japan.

After a warm-hearted greeting in Japanese and English by Niko and Matthew (Year 4), our visitors performed a traditional ‘Yosakoi’ group dance and then followed up with a more contemporary performance called the ‘Koi’ (Love) dance. Our visitors performed with energy and happy faces, which captivated the audience. 

It was also wonderful to watch the students from 3G present handmade cards and gifts using the Japanese greetings and the word ‘douzo’ (Here you are). Later on, Prep G spent time with our visitors playing games outside.

Mr Adam Reidy and Ms Katya Chenney

LOTE, Japanese Specialist Staff


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