Project Care with a Global Outlook: Timor-Leste

Three Middle School Campus student representatives from Years 6 and 7 met up with six of their counterparts from the Bellarine Campus.

Six Prefects were leading the information and activity sessions attended by over 40 students from local schools, eager to learn about East Timor. A few comments from the students give some insight into their impressions of the day.

Chloe: "The letter writing was great and it was amazing to see, that in the photos, the Timorese people can be happy with so little and we can be unhappy with so much."

Max: "It was great mixing with the Senior School students and seeing something real that they had done. It made me think about that, in the future, I would love to go over to Timor to see it at first-hand and have some positive influence over there."

Jack: "Another day with the Year 12s would be great. It was so real and it convinced me that I would love to go over one day. It was great to see so many other schools who can help spread the influence. It inspired you to want to make a difference."

Everyone agreed that the Timorese students and the Christian College students share the gift of friendship.

The authentic way the Prefects shared about their recent experiences in Viqueque clearly engaged the younger students. The personal anecdotes sparked the imaginations of the cohort. At the end of the session, when students were asked if they would like to visit our friends in East Timor one day, every hand in the room shot up.

So it is with gratitude in our hearts that we thank Michael Little, Brydon Barnett, AJ Wight, Georgia Gordon, Casey Reid and Cathy De Rosso for preparing their sessions and giving up their time to share the unfolding story of Viqueque with the 'next generation'.

The Prefects are running their annual East Timor Trivia Night fundraiser tonight at 6.30pm at the Geelong West Town Hall in Pakington Street.

Come and make a donation and have some fun!



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