Dragon Fascination in Art

This term we have been studying sculpture and the children were excited to explore the theme of 'Dragons'.

They created some incredibly imaginative designs and were challenged to use small recycled objects and paper. They were also given wire to create an armature, which is a scaffold for the clay medium.

The recycled component opened up discussion on sustainability and introduced the children to the idea of repurposing and turning what ordinarily may be thrown out as rubbish into a piece of art. The wire was very soft and flexible, which allowed the children to explore ways to help their 'Dragon' to stand.

Although challenging, it was fabulous to see their perseverance and resilience as they investigated the properties of the wire. In the end, the wire and paper constructions turned into balanced-free standing Dragons.

Next, the children had to conceal the wire/paper armature with soft pliable clay. The joy on their faces as they were able to make their creation take shape was heart warming. All the children were proud and excited.

We are now in the final stages of completing the 'Dragons', and most will be on display at this year's Christian College Art Show, after which they will make their way home. I encourage parents to ask your child about their Dragon and look forward to you seeing them soon!

Jennifer Beck-Carlson

Junior Art Specialist


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